The program SourceMonitor was developed by Jim Wanner of Campwood Software. He has retired from software development. Then he decided to make this software available to the community. Many thanks for this.

What it does

The freeware program SourceMonitor lets you see inside your software source code to find out how much code you have and to identify the relative complexity of your modules. For example, you can use SourceMonitor to identify the code that is most likely to contain defects and thus warrants formal review. SourceMonitor, written in C++, runs through your code at high speed, typically at least 10,000 lines of code per second. SourceMonitor provides the following:


There are two types of support.

Version history

See the GitHub repository for the version history.

Known bugs

See the GitHub repository for the list of known bugs.


Bold links are release versions. All others are either mature or for testing.